Welcome back! Classes resume on Fri. September 10th, 2021!

Our 2021/2022 school year lessons will start on Friday, September 10th!

You will receive a “welcome email” from your class teacher(s), includes many useful information such as what to expect for your first lesson, our latest safety plan for COVID-19. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

We are still accepting students for classes;

Private Piano, Guitar
Yamaha Music Wonderland(age 3), Junior Music Course 1(age 4-5), NEW Sat. morning class), Young Musicians Course 1(age 6-7) and Piano Club 1(age 8 – 13).

Take advantage of our “Friend Referral” program!

We look forward to welcoming everyone back at school this fall!

Summer Lesson registration are now OPEN!

Our summer lesson information have been sent to your inbox – we look forward to having fun making music together throughout the summer! These lessons are great for your children to keep the practice routine that they’ve built, try new songs/activities, not only have them ahead of the game for the fall level up course but also build confidence and gain interests in music and instrument learning for years to come! Simply reply to the email and request to register/book spots, Mandy will be happy to help you!


a) JMC1 students, Tuesdays
b) JMC2 & YMC1 students, Tuesdays

[ PRIVATE LESSON for JMC3+, and all private students]

a) Piano private lesson: Mr. Ramez, Mr.Michael and Ms. Atsuko
b) Guitar private lesson: Mr.Joseph

Year End Concert

The Year End Concert information has been sent out to all YMES group students and private students. Please check your email today!

Sunday. June 6th AFTERNOON

<Concert #1: 1pm>
JMC1 Saturday 3:30pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
JMC2 Thursday class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC3 Saturday 10:15pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC3 Saturday 1pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
JXC2 Wednesday 6:45pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
YMC1 Saturday 2pm class (Ms. Atsuko)

<Concert #2: 2:15pm>
JMC1 Thursday 5:15pm class(Ms.Atsuko)
JMC3 Wednesday 5:15pm class (Ms.Atsuko)
JMC3 Saturday 1:45pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC4 Thursday 6:15pm class (Ms.Atsuko)
YMC2 Saturday 12:45pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
YMC3 Saturday 4pm class (Mr.Kaiden)
JAC1 Friday 5:15pm class (Ms.Rosaria)
JAC2 Friday 6:15pm class (Ms.Rosaria)

<Concert #3: 3:30pm>
JMC2 Saturday 11:15am class (Ms.Rosaria)
JMC2 Saturday 2:45pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC4 Tuesday 5:15pm class (Ms.Atsuko)
YMC1 Thursday 6:30pm class (Ms.Rosaria)
YMC3 Tuesday 6:15pm class (Mr.Kaiden)
JAC1 Thursday 7:15pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
JAC4 Tuesday 7pm class (Ms.Atsuko)

Saturday, June 5th EVENING

<Conccert #1: 5pm>
Ms.Rosaria, Mr.Kaiden, Mr.Joseph, Mr.Michael and Ms.Atsuko’s students
<Concert #2: 6:15pm>
Ms. Rosaria, Mr. Ramez, Ms.Stephanie, Ms.Mandy’s students

Re-Registration is now OPEN!

Registration for current KMC students/families are NOW OPEN!

The information had been sent to your email on our file, you can now register and secure your spot for next year 2021/22!

Please contact us info@kanatamusiccentre.com if you have any questions.

Music Wonderland Spring 2021 Registration is now OPEN!

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting registrations for our new
2020/21 Spring Music Wonderland course!

When: April 2021 – July 2021
Wednesdays at 4pm – 4:40pm

Music Wonderland is an “introductory to music” class aimed at children around 3
years old (to be age 4 by August 31, 2021). Together with their parents,
children experience singing and introductory keyboard activities, and they
nurture a sense of tempo and nuance of sound and song through body movement.
Children will also experience how to pay attention and listen to music. Creative
approach centers on developing three essential musical elements: Pitch, Harmony,
and Rhythm. This course gives students a head start in a life-long musical
journey to become well-rounded musicians!

Contact us info@kanatamusiccentre.com for detailed course information and for registration.

Performers Club ~ Holiday Edition

Our Performers Club – Holiday Edition – will be held on Saturday, December 12 evening, online! We look forward to seeing many of our students and families!

Halloween Week – Oct. 26 – Oct. 31, 2020

KMC students are welcome to dress up in their costumes to their lessons throughout the week.

“Create Your Fall” Art Contest! Oct. 13 – Oct. 31, 2020

Many creatives throughout history have used the wonderful colors of autumn as inspiration, and we want to celebrate that with our students by hosting a fall art contest!

KMC students are welcome to submit any piece of fall-related art to our Fall Art Contest, held from October 13th until Halloween, October 31st. Anything is welcome as long as it fits the autumn theme! Private students who had graduated from YMES and current JMC4+/YMC3+ students are welcome to create their own compositions or a motif inspired by their own arts and can also submit them along with their art.

The students’ amazing art creations will be posted on our “Students Corner” page.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s amazing creations!

Yamaha Student Rebate Program

Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. is again offering their Yamaha Student Rebate Program!


When you purchase new Yamaha instruments, you are eligible to receive credit towards Yamaha Music Education System lessons at certified Yamaha Music Schools across Canada!

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, it’s never too late to start learning!

Yamaha Group Music Lessons for beginner children Fall 2020

Yamaha Group Music Lessons for beginners from age 2 to 8 starting this September! Check our “Our Course” page, contact us for more details, and register this Fall!

Age 2: Apple Course

Age 3: Music Wonderland

Age 4 – 5:  Junior Music Course 1

Age 6 – 8: Young Musicians Course 1