Year End Concert

The Year End Concert information has been sent out to all YMES group students and private students. Please check your email today!

Sunday. June 6th AFTERNOON

<Concert #1: 1pm>
JMC1 Saturday 3:30pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
JMC2 Thursday class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC3 Saturday 10:15pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC3 Saturday 1pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
JXC2 Wednesday 6:45pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
YMC1 Saturday 2pm class (Ms. Atsuko)

<Concert #2: 2:15pm>
JMC1 Thursday 5:15pm class(Ms.Atsuko)
JMC3 Wednesday 5:15pm class (Ms.Atsuko)
JMC3 Saturday 1:45pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC4 Thursday 6:15pm class (Ms.Atsuko)
YMC2 Saturday 12:45pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
YMC3 Saturday 4pm class (Mr.Kaiden)
JAC1 Friday 5:15pm class (Ms.Rosaria)
JAC2 Friday 6:15pm class (Ms.Rosaria)

<Concert #3: 3:30pm>
JMC2 Saturday 11:15am class (Ms.Rosaria)
JMC2 Saturday 2:45pm class (Ms. Rosaria)
JMC4 Tuesday 5:15pm class (Ms.Atsuko)
YMC1 Thursday 6:30pm class (Ms.Rosaria)
YMC3 Tuesday 6:15pm class (Mr.Kaiden)
JAC1 Thursday 7:15pm class (Ms. Atsuko)
JAC4 Tuesday 7pm class (Ms.Atsuko)

Saturday, June 5th EVENING

<Conccert #1: 5pm>
Ms.Rosaria, Mr.Kaiden, Mr.Joseph, Mr.Michael and Ms.Atsuko’s students
<Concert #2: 6:15pm>
Ms. Rosaria, Mr. Ramez, Ms.Stephanie, Ms.Mandy’s students

Re-Registration is now OPEN!

Registration for current KMC students/families are NOW OPEN!

The information had been sent to your email on our file, you can now register and secure your spot for next year 2021/22!

Please contact us if you have any questions.