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We are a credited Yamaha school

Kanata Music Centre is an authorized
Yamaha Music School
providing instruction in Kanata, Ontario.

We are an award-winning teaching faculty that gives your family a complete musical experience. Our lessons are structured to expose each student to every aspect of music, from performance to theory and composition. Our highly qualified instructors attend training seminars throughout the year and observe each other’s classes to maintain the very highest of qualifications.

Your family will benefit from our instructors combination of experience and our latest teaching tools and techniques. We believe that a positive, fun and stimulating environment is vital in ensuring every student’s success. We focus on fun! After all, our goal is to help you make music for life.


This is my 6 year old son’s 3rd year with Atsuko’s music class. During the first 2 years when I accompanied him in the class, I could see how much the kids enjoyed the class and how passionate Atsuko is with music. Atsuko is not only knowledgeable in music but also very experienced with young children’s education. The class itself seems to be focusing more on listening and creativity than pure piano technique/skill. But this is exactly what I appreciated. I believe it is also why my older son likes this more than private piano lessons. I will send my younger son when he gets old enough.

Jianwei L.

I’m so grateful to have found the Kanata Music Centre to introduce my son to piano and the fundamentals of music. He started taking lessons in the JMC course when he was 4, alongside other kids his age. The instruction included not only learning to read music and play piano, but also ear training, solfege, and theory. The classes in the Yamaha method are structured in such a way that every student can latch onto a way of learning that suits them, and it’s fun! The early courses also allow parents to be an integral part of those first few years in the class which helps to further encourage the students. In addition to in-class and private instruction, Yamaha also uses learning aids in the early stages such as CDs, DVDs, and a magnetic board for working on theory, to help each child in their own way. My son is now 7 and studying privately with one of the teachers at the school, a logical progression from his graduation from the Junior Music Course. Having been a Yamaha kid myself, I was grateful to find such a great school with such wonderful teachers that can provide the same music foundation to my son that I received so many years ago.

Tanya C.

One of our friends recommended Kanata Music Centre. So we decided to give a try. We were very well impressed with the teachers and their teaching method. I registered my kids in piano lessons and I registered myself for guitar lessons as well. It is indeed an amazing place to learn music.


My daughter started Music Wonderland last September. She is really enjoying the class. Yamaha use music to tell a story and includes lots of interactive activities. Even, I am really enjoying the class. 45 minutes feels like 10 minutes. My daughter has never missed one class (which has never happened before) and I find she already has a sense of rhythm. I believe this will be of great help for her future piano study. Thank you!


For me as a child, learning to play piano was all about learning to play the notes on the page! At Yamaha Music, my 6 year old son is learning in a totally different way. He is learning how to hear the notes, sing the notes and play the notes! There is a natural pace and progression in the program which helps to build confidence in the child as a young musician. And most importantly, he is developing a joy for learning and playing music!

Sandra L.

We have two girls who have attended Kanata Music Centre for the past five years. It is hard to express how pleased my wife and I have been with the school and its teachers. We were both surprised how quickly our daughters have learned to play piano and how much fun it has been for them doing so. They love going to class and they have learned real appreciation for music, song and performing. Both of our girls now sing every chance they get, while playing, in the car, at school – all the time! We wholeheartedly recommend the school, it is very rare to find such a dedicated and hardworking group of teachers.”

Robert & Yasuko

Kanata Music Centre delivers a music program that is tailor-made for kids. Its top notch teachers “get” kids – they make learning fun while delivering a challenging technical curriculum. Piano night has been a weekly highlight at our house for 5 years – 2 of our kids are students of piano and voice, and our third can’t wait to start!

Cheryl & Mike

My husband and I are not musically inclined, but we knew that we wanted to give our kids the chance to learn an instrument. Not knowing anything about piano teaching styles, I am so pleased that we picked this school as it has such a unique and powerful method of teaching. As a non-piano player, seeing my small child master a song using both hands is a moment of awe that I’ll never forget.
We’ve been with the Kanata Music Centre since very early on in its inception. In the span of just a few years, its success has been evident, demonstrated by its rapid and tremendous growth both in the number of students and staff. Yet, the school remains a personable, friendly place, where every student’s name is known and every student feels like they belong. The talented team at the Kanata Music Centre has built an open and inviting community for children and their families.
The Kanata Music Centre provides classes that accommodate our various needs. My son currently takes private lessons that are conveniently held during my daughter’s group lessons. I enjoy the fact that private lessons can be catered to focus on my son’s interests and speed of learning. On the other hand, the dynamics of group lessons really bring out the best in children. Learning piano in a social setting allows the children to build friendships, develop listening skills, and demonstrate respect and encouragement towards their peers.

Bienek Family

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