All lessons temporarily online January 2022

All the lessons starting on Mon. January 3, 2022 are going to be temporarily online to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in the community. The information email has been sent to all the families.

We look forward to seeing everyone online at the lesson!

Yamaha International Highlight Concert 2021

It’s showtime!

In just a few days you can watch Yamaha Music School students from around the world take the virtual stage at the Yamaha International Highlight Concert (YIHC).

The first YIHC was held in Singapore in 2019. Established as the top Yamaha Music School (YMS) concert worldwide, the YIHC showcases high-level performances by YMS students from countries around the world. The concert features students involved in each of the various YMS activities, including Junior Original Concert (JOC), Yamaha Electone Festival (YEF), Yamaha Junior Piano Competition (YJPC) and Popular Music Course (PMC).

The concert will be on Sunday, December 5th at 8:00 pm (JST)(at 6am in Ottawa). Can’t catch the concert when it premieres? Don’t worry, you can also watch it on-demand after the first showing!

Here is a trailer for the concert and the link to the youtube channel to view the concert. Enjoy!


Yamaha Keyboard Quick Start Guide – YouTube Video

You have a portable keyboard or a digital piano at home, and want to be able to use awesome features that come with it?

There are a series of quick guide Youtube videos that Yamaha Canada provides! It is for a portable keyboard but you can get good ideas for your digital pianos as well.

This particular “Part 2” quick guide video will show you how to select and use the various voices on your instrument.

Part 3: Keyboard “Styles”
Part 4: Keyboard songs and recording