COVID-19 POLICY, SEPTEMBER 2021 *subject to change

In-person classes will resume in September 2021, subject to government orders and regulations. An online option for students who wish to stay remote for health reasons is also available; please contact school administration to book an appointment with the director to discuss options.

  • All staff members are required to participate in screening using the Ontario Screening Tool, and to inform the school of the results prior to entering the studio each day.
  • All customers are asked and strongly recommended to participate in passive screening using the Ontario Screening Tool, and to send the results to The school frequently checks screening results submitted, and an email reminder will be sent to those who fail to submit screening results regularly. We kindly ask everyone to do their part in helping keep our school safe for everyone! The Ontario Screening Tool can be found from the link above, as well as on our website, and also as a QR code on the front door.
  • The class teacher will conduct a visual check to make sure no one has symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, or difficulty breathing. If any of these symptoms are noticed, we may ask you to leave KMC and to do the lesson online at home. If you have seasonal allergies with any of the above symptoms, please contact the school administration in advance, and it will be noted on our file.
  • KMC staff, teachers, students, and their families are required to wear a mask while on the school premises. Voice and flute students are allowed to take their masks off, but only during lessons.
  • Students and parents are asked to enter the building no earlier than 2 minutes prior to the start of their class, and to wait quietly in the designated area until the class teacher opens the door.
  • Parents and students are asked to use hand sanitizer and to help sanitize keyboards prior to the start of the class.
  • Once class begins, the door will be locked. Students may join the class online from home if they are late for their class.
  • The school’s main door will be locked at all times, and the waiting room/space inside the unit is currently closed to avoid overcrowding.
  • Students and parents must leave the class/school as soon as their class is over to avoid overcrowding.
  • The phone number(s) on each family’s KMC account must be current and updated in order to ensure effective communication between staff and families. To update/view your current phone number, please click HERE, or contact school administration at
  • Please be on time to pick up your student(s). If a parent is late to pick up their child, the class teacher will remain with the student until the parent arrives, potentially cutting into next class’s lesson time.
  • Students and families are required to stay home, to contact the school and their class teacher ASAP, and to attend lessons online when:
    * students and/or families tested positive for COVID-19, and/or are required to be isolated for 14 day
    * students and their families show any symptoms of a common cold/flu
  • In the case of anyone in the school testing positive, the school will contact all families immediately, and lessons will be conducted online for a certain period of time according to the government legislation.
  • Lessons will be held temporarily online for certain period of time when government mandates

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in keeping everyone at KMC safe!